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Our history as “The Jewel in the Crown of Ceduna”

Over the years since its original purchase the hotel has annually been a major contributor to many community based organisations and events and will continue to do so.  Since 1995, the hotel has contributed approximately $1.1 million back to the community by way of donations and sponsorship. The philosophy behind the Ceduna Community Hotel has not changed since its inception in 1949. Back then, as now, the community hotel focused on supporting local community based organisations and charities. Whilst we aim to make the hotel as profitable as possible, it is for the purpose of returning those profits to the local community in the form of financial support and development of the facilities which will lead to tourism growth and job opportunities.

So who owns the Hotel? We are a community asset, administered by a Board of Directors elected from the community and managed by the Ceduna community for the benefit of the Ceduna Community and we also acknowledge the important role our staff play in the overall picture as we continue to maintain our community foundation.

1901 – The Beginning of History – Mudge Family

The first allotments of the township of Ceduna were auctioned in Adelaide on 25th July 1901.  Two brothers T & C Mudge, sheep farmers from Streaky Bay, paid £24 5 shillings for lot 8, the hotel site, and also purchased lots 7, 21, 22 and 54.  A license was first granted to Mr Charles Mudge in 1901, because the hotel was not complete, the Murat Bay Hotel was not opened till 8th December 1902.  In 1915 the hotel was still owned by the Mudge family and it was in that year the name changed to the Ceduna Hotel.

1923 – 1949 – Mr Jack (John L) Madigan

From October 1923 till 1932, Mr Jack (John L) Madigan was the licensee of the hotel.  Still owned by Mr J L Madigan in 1949 at which time John decided to sell the freehold of the Ceduna Hotel for £25000.  Mr P S Morrison, Council Chairman promptly secured an option on the purchase, a public meeting was held on 13 July 1949.  The public was notified that the freehold of the Ceduna Hotel had been offered to the district and that this was an opportunity to establish a community hotel. 

1949 – Community Hotel

It was moved and accepted that the community purchase the hotel for the offer of £25000.  A deposit of £2350 was raised from local people.  Following a licensing issue it was agreed that the price be reduced to £23500 as the bathrooms did not meet licensing standards.  The funding for the purchase of the hotel was acquired through debentures to people in the community and surrounding districts, £30000 was raised in £25 debenture. 

1969-1985 – Stages One, Two, Three, Four & Five

A meeting was held in February 1969 to discuss tenders for stages one, two and later stages three, four and five, it was at this point that 24 motel rooms, the extension of the main bar and addition to the toilet facilities started.  In 1973 plans were well underway for an additional 9 motel rooms and a drive in bottle department.  1977 saw work commence on a new dining room overlooking Murat Bay and also seen the addition of 5 new motel rooms and the re-modelling of the kitchen.  In 1985, plans for further development of the front bar and saloon bar was put forward but did not eventuate due to increasing interest rates during the 1980’s.

1994 – Introduction of Gaming Machines

In 1994, gaming machines were introduced into hotels across South Australia and the Ceduna Hotel installed 30 machines in to the newly renovated games room. 

1999 – Drive-in Bottle Shop

The hotel undertook a Strategic Review and through this process rebuilt the drive in bottle department on the corner of McKenzie Street and Poynton Street, and was opened in October 1999.

2005 – A new Hotel Beginning

The next major change to the hotel was the first stage redevelopment starting in 2005 when the old hotel was completely demolished and with the assistance of the local District Council was able to rebuild the new hotel that we have today.  It incorporated new bars, a kitchen, gaming room and a bistro area.  Furthermore in 2011 the hotel commenced the second stage of the redevelopment being the addition of 15 new hotel rooms overlooking the Murat Bay situated on the first floor of the hotel.  This Stage 2 Development project costing $2,750,000 was completed July 2012.  It has lifted the property to a level of service and amenity to compete on the national tourism and corporate traveller platform.  There are now plans to further redevelop our conference centre, and upgrade all other rooms in the hotel.   For the Ceduna community this development confirms Ceduna Foreshore Hotel Motel’s commitment to give back to the community by recognising the needs of visitors and another avenue to promote this beautiful part of the ‘West Coast’ that we call home, Ceduna.